Bike carriers

Bicycle carriers mounted on a towbar are a perfect, easy and convenient solution that lets you take bikes with you on the trip. Market research shows that the interest in this form of trunk transport has increased significantly in recent years. Finding a suitable bicycle carrier for you and your car is very easy. First, think of an amount of bikes you want to transport. According to customers’ opinions, the bike carrier type platform it is the best choice for bikes transportation which gives a possibility to open the trunk even with the bikes on the carrier

Why Veturo bike platform is the best choice?

it is the best and the easiest choice for bikes transportation. They are available in versions for: 2,3 and 4 bikes, which means that they will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. The main advantages are: modern design, an incredible comfort, fast assembly and disassembly of bikes, all Veturo carriers are reclinable which gives you a possibility to open the trunk even with the bikes on the carrier; safety exploitation without scratching a flap of the vehicle; no air resistance as with carriers mounted on the roof of the vehicle. In addition, platform bike carriers are universal, which means they can be attached to different types of cars. The only thing needed for platforms are towbars.

Steinhof catalog numbers are : SMB-Veturo 2, SMB-Veturo 3, SMB-Veturo 4


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