When in 1960 Stanisław Steinhof - the father of the current owner together with several employees started the production in a house workshop, his goal was to create the successful company with the Polish capital. Today, the Steinhof company together with: 230 employees, 3 branches, 2 professional car services with a total area of over 15,000 m2, is one of the largest manufacturers of towbars in Europe and one of the largest manufacturers of brake pads in Poland.



Mile Stones

The history of the Steinhof Company appears as a success story showing the growth of the small, family-owned company with a rich tradition. Many years of experience passed down from generation to generation, innovative activities, courageous decisions and also the highest quality of our products and their durability are the hallmarks of the Steinhof brand.

Steinhof beginnings


Everything begins

Stanislaw Steinhof – the father of the current owner opened the house workshop specializing in towbars production.


The second branch of the company

Opening of the second branch of the company specializing in towbars production.


Marek Steinhof

The company takeover by the current owner – Marek Steinhof


A year of increased investments

Transfer of the company's headquarters to Przemysłowa street. Since this year in Tarnów there have operated two modern production plants: towbars and brake pads production.


ISO 9000:2000 & Frankfurt

The company obtains the Quality Management Cerificate ISO 9000:2000. In 2000 Steinhof for the first time participated at the Automechanika Motor Show in Frankfurt.


Premium brake pads

The launch of the Premium series in the brake pads production.


Modern painting line

The beginning of the new powder coating.


The expansion of the towbars machine park

Expansion of the towbars machine park, the purchase of an innovative equipment including plasma and welding robots.


Intelligent development

Creation of a modern production hall, initiation of working under innovative development projects in the brake pads sector. Obtaining the prestigious award of Intelligent Development for a newly implemented project, development of production line in a brake pads sector.


Modern complex opening

Opening of the new complex of the offices, warehouses and production at Kochanowskiego Street with an area of 4138 m2 for the production of brake pads; new machines, innovative solutions, expanding the offer of brake pads.


Frankfurt with the Jubilee

It was the 10th jubilee visit on the most famous automotive fairs. The participants of the event witnessed the premiere of the latest film presenting the modernized Steinhof production line and an new offer.


W10 presentation

We have introduced to the offer an innovative mechanism of automatic detachable tow ball W10


The 60th anniversary of Steinhof



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