Electric wiring kits

When fitting a towbar the most important device is an electrical wiring kit. E-kits deliver the power to the trailer and to the bike carrier with lighted plates.

In our offer you can find:

  • Universal wiring kits – applied when fitting a towbar to an older vehicle, when there is no need for the additional module securing more functions. You may use it when you do not have CAN-BUS, or computer, or Multiplex/ PWM, LED or CHECK-CONTROL. In our offer we present the wiring kit with 7 pins and 13 pins, which differs also in length.
  • Universal wiring kits with an electronic module – applied in vehicles when additional lightening in the trailer causes a failure in the computer. The module is usually assembled in the trunk and it is rather invisible after fitting. The lightening systems in the vehicle operate the module of the trailer, which is provided with 12V from the vehicle accumulator. It is also responsible for the whole lightening in the trailer. This kind of solution does not strain the lighting system in total and the computer is not able to see the failure. The wiring kit with the module is needed when the vehicle is more sophisticated in electronics. The wiring kit with the module is obligatory when the vehicle is equipped with the electronic lights control (CHECK-CONTROL) or the electricity is supported by CAN-BUS. Installing the wiring kit without the module when the vehicle requires it may cause serious damage in the electricity of the vehicle.
  • Dedicated wiring kits – these are the most convenient solution because the kit is attached in the pre-prepared place in the trunk of the specific vehicle. They do not require interference in the electronic installation at all. The dedicated kit is provided with direct connectors and the proper length of the cable. It reduces the fitting time to minimum. Depending on the type of the vehicle the wiring kits has some specific functions. Dedicated kits cooperate with security systems of the vehicles like T-ESP. This kind of solution helps to avoid damaging the electronical wires. The application of the dedicated wiring kits ensures proper and safe work of the whole electronic installation in the car and the connected trailer. The dedicated wiring kits are designed for a specific make of a car, model and year of the vehicle. They are the safest solution.


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