Heavy-duty brake pads

Steinhof is a dynamically developing brake pads manufacturer. We have been functioning at Polish and foreign markets for almost 60 years. The experience and knowledge of the industry as well as professionalism let us create the best brake pads offer and place us among the biggest producers in Europe . In our offer you can find almost 60 references of brake pads for heavy-duty applications.

Our main goal is to consistently expand our products availability, so we can adjust them to every model of the car. In our range you can find PREMIUM brake pads which features better technological parameters and longer durability. The technology of brake pads produced by Steinhof Company is based on the automatized production line. The machine park contains several dozens of presses with strength of each press up to 800 tons. Every part of technology process is controlled by a specialized laboratory and supervised by the internal research and development center. Many parameters such as: the strength of the adhesive connection of friction material to the plate, the material compressibility, the friction coefficient and every other parameters compatible with ECE R90 are tested there. Furthermore, there are technological researches in the lab, conducted by specialists, which are next implemented into the production.

PREMIUM line of Steinhof brake pads has every advantage of an ideal product. They are a result of years of research in Steinhof company lab as well as road tests in extreme conditions.


Why are PREMIUM brake pads the best choice?

  • Longer durability. Thanks to an upgraded formula of the brake lining material and increased parameters PREMIUM line brake pads are reliable up to 200 thousands kilometers.
  • Highest quality. The manufacturer implemented the newest technology of pressing. Steinhof has an expanded machine park and an automatized production process, which guarantees recurrence in parameters assumptions. The result is the best quality of the final product.
  • Aesthetic of products. Upgraded painting line ensures that the safety and the visual look of brake pads is even better.
  • Peerless product. Quality of PREMIUM line brake pads is comparable to the brake pads that are originally mounted.
  • Certifications and approvals. Every Steinhof brake pad got required certifications and approvals ECE R-90: English E11 issued by VCA and Polish E20 issued by PIMOT.
  • The production is compatible with system ISO 9001:2008, which monitors the production process of brake pads. Controlling the production process lets us eliminate even the slightest inaccuracies that could affect the quality of our products.
  • The sales hit is also created by a perfect relation of quality to price.
  • The highest effectiveness and a reliable reaction of braking even in the extreme conditions.


In our offer you can find brake pads to the most popular heavy-duty vehicles. If we do not have the specific brake pads to your vehicle yet: call us! We will do everything to produce them for you



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