We are the Polish manufacturer of towbars. In our offer You can find approximately 1400 different references. Steinhof company constantly expands their products range maintaining the highest quality of products. We offer a wide range of towbars with semi-automatic and automatic detachable systems.

  • Towbars with a detachable system are a solution, in which the system is mounted to the body of a towbar by mounting bolts. The system is easy to detach by unscrewing the bolts. It is perfect for customers who expect reliability at a lower price.
  • Automatic detachable systems are the most comfortable and the safest to use. Assembly as well as disassembly does not require any tools and physical strength. Systems are equipped with safety locks against theft. Automatic systems are very aesthetic because of cohesion with rear bodyline. Two most popular types of automatic-detachable systems are detachable vertically and horizontally. In these systems a ball is mounted to the socket by a specially designed locking bolt. It can be mounted by plugging the ball to the socket and it locks itself automatically. Disassembly is based on swiping the knob so the ball can be unlocked. Automatic systems significantly raise the comfort of usage.


Steinhof towbars are made from specially selected raw materials that come with the appropriate approvals, which guarantee their endurance. All these factors ensure us that the customer receives the highest quality of towbars.
We also offer towbars customized to trucks and passenger cars.
We guarantee that each towbar, before market sale, is subjected to approximately 50-hours of a special fatigue test in our internal laboratory. The test is based on checking its strength by 2 million cycles under certain weight. It ensures us that every product has the same quality.
The quality of our products is also certified with approval no. E4 received by Certification Institute RDW in Holland.


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Haki holownicze - Steinhof

Approximately 1500 references
of towbars for trucks
and passenger cars.


Towbars with systems
automatically and
semi-automatically detached.


Towbars are tested according
to the requirements of regulations
No. 55 EKG ONZ.


Every towbar passes 2 million cycle
test under certain weight on a machine
approved by Netherlands Certification
Institute RDW.








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