We will expand possibilities of your quad!

Our towbars match the majority of quads that are available on the market.

We will expand possibilities of your quad!

Quads are comprehensive vehicles that guarantee injection of adrenaline combined with good fun. The vehicles are also perfect tools for everyday duties. There are several possibilities to use them:


Specialists that work in Steinhof Company went further. They’ve developed, best quality towbars that fit almost every quad type available on the market. Thanks to them, our customers can fully use the non-standard application of these vehicles. There are two types of the assembly: square profiles 50mm x 50mm or eyelet profiles.

All Steinhof’s towbars for quads got essential certificate E20. Among them there are references:
ZK-1 – most universal solution,
ZK-5 – when you need to boost towbar ball,
ZK-6 – with multifunctional mounting plate.

Towbars ball – with thread M20, M22, M24 to quads equipped with montage hole.

Each of these towbars lets you fix a trailer available for the towbar ball (depending on a quad parameters) with a maximum total weight of 3,5 t and a vertical maximum weight of 140 kg.

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