A family picnic and bicycle trip to celebrate 60 years of Steinhof

More than half a century of active presence on the Polish and European markets is something to be proud of. People are one of the pillars of successes of any company, which is why we appreciate each member of the team at Steinhof.

A family picnic and bicycle trip to celebrate 60 years of Steinhof

The celebration of the 60th anniversary of Steinhof took place on June 11. Everything was almost perfect on that day! The weather, bike route, family picnic attractions and talks until late. We are glad that so many committed and experienced people create Steinhof.

For more than 60 years, the company has had many employees who went down in gold in the history of Steinhof. Machines are also such quiet, though not in all situations, heroes. Today, modern, computer-controlled devices create high-class towing hooks and brake pads.

For many years of active work with various people, the Ził truck was the true icon of Steinhof. Currently undergoing a meticulous renovation, it has also become the leitmotif of the statuette for Marek Steinhof - the owner of the company, the son of the founder.

“It is difficult to describe in words what I feel now as I am experiencing many positive emotions and memories. When my dad started building the Steinhof company in 1960, together with several colleagues, they dreamed together of a company that they could be proud of. After more than 60 years on the market, I can say that this goal has been achieved. It was obviously only possible due to the people who trusted us. Today Steinhof is constantly undergoing development, and I am glad that I could shake hands and have a word with everyone who could celebrate our jubilee with us” - says Marek Steinhof

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